Mar, 2014

lambing 2

March 2014: Lambing is underway!

We have started lambing our own ewes – just over 600 Kent and Suffolk x Kents. We do this outside so we are hoping the weather is a lot better than last year and so far it’s already a vast improvement on the rain, cold, wind, sleet, snow and hail that made last year’s a challenge to say the least. The Kent ewes are put to both Kent and Suffolk rams to breed replacements, while the Suffolk x Kents are put to Texel and Beltex rams.

This is one of our favourite times of year as its usually marks the start of picnic season for me and the girls and there is nothing better than taking lunch out to the lambing fields to find Daddy and watch new lives being brought into the world. Chloe is a budding shepherd and would spend all her spare time out with Daddy and luckily the Easter holidays coincide with this lot of lambing, so we can help move ewes and lambs around, something the girls are getting good at. Now all we need is a bit more sunshine, so I can get out with the camera and take a few pictures.